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§ Malta

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§ Experience

Disclaimer: this was written 10 months after the trip, I don’t recall all the details

Malta was very fun to visit. We spend Christmas there, so the temperature was not good for enjoying the beaches.

We stayed in Valletta for a couple of days. Malta is very small, so we moved around the country a lot. We even went to Gozo.

§ Food

There were some vegan restaurants around, but nothing amazingly good. We endup sometimes just eating in places that offered some Vegan option.

N Japanese Bistrot (92 Strait St, Valletta, Malta)

Soul Food (76 Merchants St, Valletta, Malta) The food is good, but I think it was way too healthy for our taste.

Balance Bowl (182 Triq Ix - Xatt, Il-Gżira, Malta) I enjoyed the Vegan Burguer, but they also have a buffet.

Marrobbio Restaurant (Sliema, Malta) They have very different doughs, like vegetable carbon. They also have vegan cheese. Very very good, if you are close by, you have to try it.

§ Things to do