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Traveling with pets from/to Ireland

From Ireland

This is particularly relevant to a pet in an EU country who is to travel to an unlisted country, and the owner wishes to re-enter the EU with their pet without having to wait 3 months.

A rabies vaccination with a 1 or 3-year validity period is acceptable for entry into Ireland.

A valid blood test will remain valid for the life of the animal only if there is no break in rabies vaccination cover after the blood test is performed.

If there has been a break in rabies vaccine coverage, the next vaccination will be considered a primary vaccination and the blood test must be repeated at least 30 days after the vaccination, and then the 3-month waiting period following a successful blood test will apply.

• is accompanied by a valid EU pet passport, or EU Health certificate

Ireland accepts pet passports from all EU countries,Northern Ireland and from the following European countries/territories: Andorra; Gibraltar; Greenland and the Faroe Islands; Iceland; Liechtenstein; Monaco; Norway; San Marino; Switzerland; Vatican City State.

A valid passport is a passport issued by an EU country or territory listed above, which certifies that the rabies vaccine given is valid.

Vets in non-EU countries (apart from the European countries/territories listed above) may not complete, sign or stamp the section on rabies vaccination or the rabies serological test in the passport. If they were to do so, this would make the pet passport invalid for travel.