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Image Retrieval

Today we have three main categories:

§ Colours

§ Channels

Note: We can use the 2 most significant bits on each channel and merge them into one variable (which will give 64 possible colours for RGB)

RGB: additive colours (common in monitors, based on light) CMYK: subtractive colours (common in printers, based on pigments) HSV: Hue, Saturation, and Value; H = colour, S = quantity of gray; V = colour intensity

§ Feature Vectors

§ Image descriptors

§ colour coherence vector (CCV)

§ Border Interior Pixel Classification (BIC)

§ Textura

§ Gray Level Co-occurence Matrix

§ Local Binary Pattern

§ Descritores de forma

§ High level descriptors

§ Global features

§ Local features

describes different keypoints of the image

They don’t change based on the colour or the point-of-view, you can use it to match the keypoints in two images.