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Image Retrieval

Today we have three main categories:



Note: We can use the 2 most significant bits on each channel and merge them into one variable (which will give 64 possible colours for RGB)

RGB: additive colours (common in monitors, based on light) CMYK: subtractive colours (common in printers, based on pigments) HSV: Hue, Saturation, and Value; H = colour, S = quantity of gray; V = colour intensity

Feature Vectors

Image descriptors

colour coherence vector (CCV)

Border Interior Pixel Classification (BIC)


Gray Level Co-occurence Matrix

Local Binary Pattern

Descritores de forma

High level descriptors

Global features

Local features

describes different keypoints of the image

They don’t change based on the colour or the point-of-view, you can use it to match the keypoints in two images.