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Last modified: Mon Jun 20 2022 10:31:47 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

The Address Record

An A record will resolve to one or more IPv4 addresses.

The Start of Authority Record

The Start of Authority (SOA) record contains authoritative and administrative details about the domain.

The Name Server Record

The Name Server (NS) record returns the authoritative name servers for the domain name. Authoritative name servers are the name servers able to provide answers for the domain name.

The Canonical Name Record

The Canonical Name (CNAME) record points one domain at another.

The Mail Exchange Record

The Mail Exchange (MX) record specifies the mail server hostnames that should be contacted when sending email to recipients at the domain.

The Pointer Record

The Pointer (PTR) record allows you to perform a reverse lookup by accepting an IP address and returning its corresponding domain name.

The Text Record

The Text (TXT) record allows the domain owner to return arbitrary text.