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Shenzhen LeMaker Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech company. Its mission is “Share, Innovation, Opensource, Education and Commonweal”. With the upsurge of Industry 4.0 and the Maker movement, to “make Innovation easier”, LeMaker has launched the open-source and innovation platform of Banana series and LeMaker Guitar, which together with the online community,, constitutes the open-source and innovation ecosystem. Over 100 cases have been shared here so far.

LeMaker community has gone into partnership with many opensource communities and worldwide forums for developers such as Ubuntu, OpenWrt, Debian, linux-sunxi, Fedora, OpenBSD. Together with its partners, LeMaker has contributed to a series of education programs and public commonweal projects. For example, LeMaker is cooperating with many famous enterprises in various fields, such as ARM, Linaro, Linux International, Freescale, Actions, Jiguo and so on. We are cooperating with many colleges and universities in the field of maker education, including Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Tsinghua University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Central South University, Hunan University and so forth. LeMaker has also set up cooperation with Inveneo to carry out projects of “Banana Pi’s to Remote Pacific Island Schools” and “Powered Digital Library For Pacific Island Schools”. At the same time, LeMaker succeed in inviting Mr. Jon Hall as the adviser. In the light of open-source and sharing, LeMaker is attracting more and more “changing-the-world” makers to join the innovation ecosystem, so that “everyone is becoming a maker and everyone is making”.

RoMeo V2

RoMeo V2 [R3] is an All-in-One Arduino based robot board, it is especially designed for robotics applications, and extended devices.


Raspberry Pi 4


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